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How Brokers Can
Win MORE Listings, Close MORE Sales,
& Make MORE Money!
  • Learn how sellers can close with greater net proceeds
  • Explore a few of the strategies we use to help investors defer, reduce, or eliminate taxes
  • Understand why these strategies aren't offered by "big brand" financial firms
  • ​Leverage this knowledge to win more listings, close more sales, and ultimately make more money!
Tax Advantaged Strategies Explored in This Presentation:
  • 1400z - Qualified Opportunity Zones
  • 1031 Delaware Statutory Trust
  • 453 Installment Sales
  • ​263c - Energy (Oil and Natural Gas)
  • ​170h - Historic and Conservation Real Estate
  • ​Bonus and Accelerated Depreciation
  • ​...and how to combine them together to maximize the benefits!
DID YOU KNOW: There are over a dozen tax codes that allow sellers to defer, reduce, or eliminate taxes!
I've been a national trainer and educator for brokers and investors for over a decade, and I've delivered this presentation to over 10,000 professionals nationwide.
I want to help you leverage all 75,000 pages of the tax code!
Matt works with high income and high net worth clients nationally to legally reduce taxes on income or capital gains. He starts with tax reduction strategies to determine which best fit the clients unique situation and often leads into a more comprehensive financial planning or investment management solution that looks not just at what his clients make, but how they keep more of it.
When it comes to your wealth, no one knows how to reduce the tax bill better than Matt Chancey. Matt's strategies include little known but highly effective opportunities to substantially reduce tax liability - he's saved his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, and he can do the same for you!
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